Little girls with big smiles

Ohhh what a week it’s been. Today feels like a long-week-ahead-Monday and a how-is-it-already-Friday all mixed together… yet it’s actually Thursday. Aaccckkk!

One thing that makes me feel better is to look at these sweet, sweet faces. Ellie just turned four and Poppy just turned one and they are just as adorable as their names. I spent an early September afternoon with Molly and Ian and their daughters- playing in their yard, splashing in their pool, and exploring their new home- and reliving it helps me to relax a little. So cheesy but so true. Seriously, try to look at these pictures of blue eyes and matching swimsuits without feeling happy. Hope these smiles brighten your day as much as they do mine.

Is it so wrong to covet the hair of a four year old??

I think these are my two favorites of Ellie

Poppy just melts my heart!

What about eyelashes? Can I covet one-year-old eyelashes?

Do you need to look at them one more time? It’s ok, I did it, too… they’re just such a sweet family.

I’ll have more up on the Rockit Facebook page soon- be sure to check them out. Thanks for visiting!

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