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Sweet baby Natalie

I’m still sighing when I look through the pictures from this session. It just makes me happy. For starters, I seem to be a baby-boy-magnet, so any chance I get to play or work with a baby girl is a treat, and ten-day-old Natalie was a perfect little model. Her parents Stephanie and Brian got in touch with me after I photographed Megan’s wedding… cause they are her brother and sister-in-law and were part of the super-fun wedding party. Bonus cool.

Just a handful of things I loved about this day: their house in Fairfax was full of big windows and lots of light, they gave me a big cup of coffee (which I kept losing but was delicious nonetheless), Natalie was on her best behavior, and they are beautiful.

This is how much fun Natalie had…

Post-baby I know you can feel kinda blah, so I hope this picture makes Stephanie feel gorgeous. Cause she is.

I am not a girly-girl, but something about all the soft, subtle pink throughout these images makes me squeak a little.

We brought the dogs in for a few shots at the end. It was so funny and so perfect as they took turns trying to sniff out their new housemate… I love dog people.

I know I sound like the biggest cheeseball when I say this, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside that people let me come into their homes and photograph their new babies. I had a baby, and in those first couple weeks I didn’t have many visitors that warranted taking a shower and putting on makeup and giving up many hours of my sleeping time. Maybe I’d do all that if the President came. I know that people aren’t actually doing this for ME, but it means a lot I’m the one they chose to peek into their lives during such an exhausting and emotional time. So thanks to all of my past, current, and yet-to-be-met Rockabye families.

That’s enough mushy stuff for today. Go enjoy your weekend, and check Facebook for more pictures of Natalie!

  • Julia - These are so sweet. They make me want a baby niece. :)

    But I really love the ones with the dogs, and the one where Natalie is so sweet and floppy with her arms and legs just hanging while her dad kisses her.


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