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Another Rockstar family

Just stop it right now with all this cuteness. Look at those boots.

These past few weeks have been jam-packed with sessions and I’m just overwhelmed with how many amazing new families I’m meeting. It’s funny because if you know me personally, you know that I am not a huge fan of strangers and making friends. I will just hide in my house with my baby and a plate of brownies, thank you.

But I guess everything is different with a camera in my hands, because I actually love getting to know new people this way. It’s crazy to me how much I take away from an hour immersed in someone else’s family. I get to see so much of their family dynamic in between shots, and it is kind of awesome. And inspiring.

Case in point- watching Mark and Stephanie interact with their children Carson, Payton, and Chase was just as beautiful as the images we captured. I’m happy knowing that the “in-between” moments were as sweet and relaxed as these moments I documented and that these portraits are a true reflection of the family I got to know. (And it was super-fun working with a friend-of-a-friend… thanks, Michelle, for connecting us!)

“Hi, my name is Chase and I will melt hearts…”

“…starting with my mommy.”

Oh these sisters are so beautiful, both inside and out.

I keep scrolling through these over and over because I just love this session and this new Rockstar family! If I say much more I will start to ramble (which I’d like to blame on my poor, time-change-confused child who is waking up earlier and earlier every day this week) so I will wrap up with this shot. Please note that EVEN THE DOGS ARE LOOKING! At the end of a session with an exhausted three-year-old and two VERY excited puppies, I’m giving myself a high-five for this one. : )

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