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Sisterhood is beautiful

I just love this particular image. I think it says so much about sisterhood.

It can go either way. If I was interpreting this based on growing up with MY sister, this would be me trying to smush her. Aww. The picture of sisterhood. Thank goodness that in the case, we are looking at Maria who absolutely adores her baby sister Juliet and just wants to snuggle her in the middle of her portraits. (And also, thank goodness that my sister-smushing days are over.) This whole session was a sweet reminder of how beautiful sisterhood is, both literally and figuratively.

The afternoon I spent with Chris and Katie and their two girls was grey and cool, much like today. I guess that’s why I extra-love these. Warm sunshine streaming through the windows can add a certain touch of love and happiness to a photograph, but these four didn’t need any help.

Collective “wow” for the beautiful Katie…

This series of Katie with her girls makes me squeak. Just too cute for words, only squeaking.

To answer all your questions, Maria is four and Juliet is five weeks in these images. Yes they are all just as sweet and wonderful as they look, and yes I kind of hoped they would adopt me, and yes I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorites to share.

And a quick timeout for “real talk”: This time of year is just chaos. I am up to my eyeballs in editing and holiday cards and orders. There is a little too much Starbucks and are not enough pillows in my life. Blogging isn’t always at the top of the to-do list. But I am trying to nudge it up there a little, because when I start blogging I kind of shake my head and blink my eyes and come out of a fog and write run-on sentences and say, “Oh. OH. These families I work with are beautiful. Oh wow. I love this. Oh, this is my dream job. This is pretty cool. I like photography. Did I take these pictures? What time is it? Maybe I will take a shower and get some more coffee.”

Stick with me- hopefully I will be a bit more normal (in personality and schedule) soon!

  • Kelly Gandolfo - Karin- You do such an amazing job. I just love looking through the pictures that you take. They are so sweet and personal. I can’t wait until I have little ones so that I can hire you to take photographs of MY family. :) P.S. The ones of Maria holding her little sister on her bed are just precious!!!ReplyCancel

  • Julia - These are beautiful. And thank goodness you no longer smush me.ReplyCancel

  • Kati - Gah what a beautiful family! And that curly hair and dimples … precious.ReplyCancel

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