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Hello you three!

Oh boy. I can count about three people that I know are still checking this blog (hi Ms. Lou!) regularly, despite my unintentional winter hibernation. You guys deserve a serious hug.

Short story:

Business was moderate. Life was normal. I blogged. Business blew up. Regular life went crazy. Holidays were creeping up. Blog died.

I have spent the beginning of 2012 doing- wait for it- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And it has been blissful. I even read Twilight, a true testament to how little motivation has been in my life since the ball dropped on twenty twelve. But for the past week this tiny little voice in my head has been saying things like “get back to work. make a grocery list. update the blog. pay the electric bill. stop eating marshmallows.” and I think that voice has some valuable points.

I left you hanging at the end of 2011 with no real goodbye, and didn’t come close to blogging all the sweet sessions I shot, so that’s on the agenda for the coming week. For now, I leave you with a little Instagram summary of my life (okay, mostly the Monster’s life) from the past few months, just to prove that we’re still around. Have a lovely weekend and please come back!!

** Oh and for all curious vampires… I have resisted the Twilight phenomenon for years but knew I would someday read them and probably like them. The verdict? I actually felt like this first book was relatively entertaining, but a bit slow and I got kinda bored until that baseball game. Go ahead, de-friend me.

  • Lou - Yes, just like Kati you are a little slow with keeping up with new info. But I will never leave you. I Love your Blog!! And this one seems like I have seen a little bit of everyone. Love all the shots.ReplyCancel

  • Kati - I’m here too! And like my mother, I too will never leave you. We’re a very committed family.ReplyCancel

  • Julia - I hope I counted as one of the three. I liked looking at those photos knowing I was there for some of them–and not across the country in San Diego.ReplyCancel

  • dad - so if those were the chosen three, I’ll simply have to settle for four…ReplyCancel

  • SuSu - These are the kind of blogs I actually LOVE. Along with marshmellows and the Twilight books… And like Mrs. Lou and KatiRuEv, I will never leave you. Lucky for me, my MacBook likes to tell me when you’ve been busy blogging :)ReplyCancel

  • Jon - Did those muddy buddies get made in Columbia? Were they kept in a dark corner? I’m concerned.ReplyCancel

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