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Everyone’s favorite family.

If you rewind eleven years you’ll find Neely and me both living in Columbia, SC- I was a senior in high school, she was the senior girls’ Bible study leader at my childhood church. We became close friends despite her love of Oreos and hatred of peanut butter. In the years that followed she married Doug and they moved to Hilton Head, I married Dylan (while preggo Neely stood by in a bridesmaid’s dress) and moved to Baltimore, she had four kids and I had one. We had that kind of friendship that comfortably picked up right where it left off every time we talked or got together, even if there were months in between. We saw each other most Christmases and some summers, kept in touch via e-mail and phone tag, and never really imagined that we’d end up in the same town again.

But here we are, basically neighbors, dropping our boys off in the same Sunday school classroom. Life is crazy. My Little Monster wakes up almost every morning asking to “go Miss Nee houws.” And even though we’re not in the same neighborhood and have different lives and schedules and don’t see each other every day, I think I would be totally lost without this family as we adjust to our new life here. We may have unpacked the last box months ago, but this life still feels very new and unfamiliar and it’s just nice knowing they are there.

I think most of Hilton Head Island would agree that they are pretty awesome. Seriously, they are probably some of the most loved people I have ever met.

All of our past photo sessions (here’s last summer) have required such coordination and scheduling and traveling… it was so funny to just choose an afternoon and meet at the beach.

If you’ve never met them, I recommend it. This is Keely (6), Macey (5), Kres (3), and Wes (2).

Love these last two as we were headed back to the cars. Wish I’d take another 500 right here.

  • Lou - They could not be more Beautiful. And you could not have done a better job!! Loved all of them!!ReplyCancel

  • Sara - What a gorgeous family. Awesome job Karin! Love the locations too!ReplyCancel