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Sweet pea

This little peanut… she is simply breathtaking.

Her name is Daye. She lives in Atlanta. She has the most genuine, warm, beautiful parents named Sally and Taylor. She really likes Goldfish. Her little peacoat makes me squeak. She makes some really awesome expressive faces. I’ve looked forward to meeting her since she was born a year and a half ago. She did not disappoint. I am long on words and short on time… but I loved every minute with these three.

I know this next one is kinda random. It’s not a shot that should normally be in a finished gallery, much less on a blog… but somehow it caught me and I like it.

A definite fave. Looks like trouble.

This makes me sound like I’m 80 years old, but she is such a doll.

I absolutely LOVE reading Sally’s personal blog cause she is always adding captions to her pictures of what it looks like Daye is saying. They are always hilarious and perfect. In light of that, this one says, “Guys, I hafta tell you… the FUNNIEST thing just happened!!”

Shooting portraits for this family was an absolute honor. Call me a cheeseball, but it was. Sally’s friendship over the past year has been a true gift to me- this girl is a fountain of wisdom and encouragement. Sally actually won the sharing giveaway earlier this year… I’m so thrilled we FINALLY coordinated time to make this happen. Now if only we could do something about the five-hour commute and I could play with that baby girl on a regular basis.

  • Sally Stanfill - oh Karin! I’m GIDDY!!! I’m just smiling so big and giggling at her funny expressions and loving reminiscing about our morning shoot! I LOVE them!!! ALL of them!!! so so so fun! and so so so so kind of you!!!! You are something else! So blessed to know you! So grateful . . .ReplyCancel

  • Becca Jones - I mean they are SO good! Karin, great work! Daye really is the cutest. And I agree with every single word about Sally, and Tay. Great people!ReplyCancel

  • Sally Stanfill - just coming back for the 13th time today to check these out again . . . loving them just as much and more each time! And believe me that my parents have probably looked at them 17 times its just that they aren’t quite sure how to leave comments on blogs :)ReplyCancel

  • Holland - so so wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Alex Raymond - These are absolutely perfect!!!! You really captured my buddies Sal Taylor and Daye so beautifully. Excellent work. Just brought the biggest smile to my face :)ReplyCancel

  • Alice Stephens "Eecie" - Karin,
    These pictures are just wonderful. They are so good, that they make me laugh and cry at the same time, because of how good they are and how much we love Sally and Taylor and Daye. Your words were so dear about them and you did such a great job of capturing them at their best. I am finally able to see all of them, for some reason, my computer wouldn’t show them all to me each time. But, alas, here they are and thank you for doing this for them. Very kind to drive all the way to ATL to take their pictures!
    The best to you in your photography career. You do a great job!
    P. S. I’m Daye’s grandmom and think that she hung the moon!ReplyCancel