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A year

Oh 2013, what a year you’ve been.

A year where my blog went silent, my web site and Facebook page untouched, as I quietly sat back and studied my business and my work and evaluated what I liked and what I didn’t. A year where I focused on refining my skills and rediscovering the way I see through my camera.

A year of personal ups and downs- heartaches and pains and joys all swirled up and mixed together.

Our first full year in Hilton Head, a year where we grew friendships and still missed the city and enjoyed the beach and started digging our feet down deeper in the sand where things feel more secured and settled.

A year where my amazing, knows-me-better-than-I-can-understand husband got more amazing and showed he knew me even better, and my crazy, wonderful little boy got crazier and more wonderful.

A year where we said we were going to slow our lives down and often did the exact opposite, running ourselves ragged.

After this year, I want to give a big sigh of relief and say, Okay 2013, we’re done. Go on, get out. But I don’t mean that. There is always joy and growth to be found in pain, lessons to be learned from chaos and mistakes, moments to be remembered that won’t come again. I’d never erase a year.

After this year, I want to say, Bring it, 2014, I’m ready for whatever you’ve got.┬áBut of course that’s not true. We’re never ready for anything. That’s fine. I’ll take it day by day.

The ocean has an intensely calming effect on me, as it does with so many. In happy times my heart is exponentially fuller and clearer in the ocean air and in hard times the waves and sand are soothing therapy.

So we wrapped up this year at the beach. I don’t get very symbolic and weird about New Year’s, but it was only natural. We spent countless happy summer hours soaking up the sunshine here. I spent evenings hopping over pools of salty water and sweating through the horrible humidity as my running shoes beat down the packed sand. We spent chilly winter mornings walking in the sand wishing it was snow. We spent some of our happiest and saddest moments of the year with waves crashing in front of us and seagulls creeping too close to our stuff.

This afternoon, just us three, we soaked up the last day of the year. Happy New Year.