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Filled with joy

Steph hashtags almost every photo of this sweet girl #wearefilledwithjoy. It’s her name and it’s the truth. My morning with Tim, Stephanie, and Ruthie Joy was cloudy but filled with so much brightness. It was also filled with coffee made by a former Starbucks barista and chocolate chip poundcake made by Grandma Caldwell, so there’s a major bonus. Friends forever.

“The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with JOY!”

I can’t give you the exact reason, but I really, really love photographing babies in kitchens. Maybe it’s just because kitchens tell the truth about real life. Maybe it’s because most kitchens have good windows (or skylights, ahem). Probably it’s both.

This next series could have been a blog post of its own. I almost did it. There were so many I loved from these last few minutes of our session, but I chose three here. As any mother knows, you are tired forever. But there’s a special kind of tired that only comes in the first few weeks with a newborn. It’s a tired that blankets your body and quiets your soul, and when you find the opportunity, you simply rest. It’s beyond mere physical exhaustion, and it’s incredibly complex and in a way, so fulfilling. Sometimes you get a five-minute snippet to lay down and listen to the rhythm of tiny breaths. Other times it’s a three-hour nap. But it’s gone before you realize it was special, and I made a point to recognize it and soak up that magical tiredness after my second was born. I saw it here and it filled my heart. And a memory card.

Happy Friday, everyone! Good luck not wanting a baby now.

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